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Why Bulwark is the best...
This year Bulwark Exterminating is celebrating 20 proud years in business. As a family-owned business, we've been around so long for one simple reason: we put you and your home first. We love our customers and they love us back. That's why we have hundreds of 5 star reviews.
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Great company! Customer service team is always so helpful. Our technician, Leo Thompson, was prompt and professional. We love working with Bulwark!
Stephanie D.
Got to love a company that comes back when you find a bug for free, no charge. Love their philosophy. Reliable and effective tech EDWARD BOYKIN treated my home like his own great job my hats off for this company and technicians.
Michelle  L. 
Let’s break it all down.
Here are just some of the pests we take care of...
  • ​Argentine Ants
  • ​Carpenter Ants 
  • ​Harvester Ants 
  • ​Little Black Ants 
  • ​Pharaoh Ants 
  • ​Odorous House Ants 
  • ​Pavement Ants 
  • ​Fire Ants 
  • ​Chiggers 
  • ​Ticks 
  • ​Fleas 
  • ​Field Crickets 
  • ​House Crickets 
  • ​Jerusalem Crickets 
  • ​House Centipedes 
  • ​Millipedes 
  • ​Pillbugs 
  • ​Rice Weevils 
  • ​Silverfish 
  • ​Sowbugs 
  • ​Springtails 
  • ​Mice
  • ​Rats 
  • ​Roof Rats 
  • ​Cellar Spiders 
  • ​Hobo Spiders 
  • ​Blow Flies 
  • ​Carpenter Bees 
  • ​Flesh Flies 
  • ​Horseflies 
  • ​House Flies 
  • ​Indian Meal Moths 
  • ​Mud Daubers 
  • ​Wasps 
  • ​Velvet Ants 
  • ​Webbing Clothes Moths 
  • ​Yellow Jackets 
  • ​Carpet Beetles 
  • ​Centipedes 
  • ​Clovermites 
  • ​Earwigs 
  • ​Granary Weevils 
  • ​Grasshoppers 
  • ​American Roaches 
  • ​Brown Banded Cockroaches 
  • ​German Cockroaches 
  • ​Oriental Roaches 
  • ​Smokey Brown Roaches 
  • ​Scorpions 
  • ​Black Widow Spiders
  • ​Brown Recluse Spiders
  • ​Wolf Spiders
  • ​Jumping Spiders
  • ​Crickets
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